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  • Sadia Behzad

5 Main Dishes That Go Well With Mashed Potatoes

When you think of mashed potatoes, Thanksgiving dinners are what usually comes to mind. Everyone loves juicy, oven roasted turkey breast with the works alongside smooth, velvety potato mash with a few swishes of melted herbed butter on the top. So, what else can be had with mashed potatoes? Easy. Almost any food. :) Yes, we understand that with so many options to choose from, it can get difficult to narrow down the list of main courses to serve with this creamy, buttery, starchy goodness. Well, luckily for you, we’ve got quite a few delicious recipes on our menu that pair perfectly with mashed potatoes.

1. Tex Mex Steak

The robust savory flavors of grilled beef steak need something equally rich, yet tender to balance out the textures. And mashed potatoes do the job just right.

2. Grilled Pepper Chicken Grilled chicken steak buried in pepper sauce creates a divine meal when paired with buttery smooth mashed potatoes. This is the ultimate definition of comfort food. Wouldn’t you agree?

3. Grilled Lamb Chops Barbecued lamb chops is one of the most lavish (read: expensive) dishes out there. You might want to pair it with a creamy, buttery serving of mashed potatoes, to make the meal worth its price.

4. Portofino Seared Salmon

Not just meat, there are many fish recipes too, that you can try with mashed potatoes. Our Portofino seared salmon filet sits between two scoops of olive potato mash, on a bed of grilled veggies. The combination brings together a wide range of flavors and nutrients - a perfect meal for picky eaters.

5. Baked Cream Cheese Garlic Chicken Wings

Having a party with friends and family? Why not order in our gluten-free baked cream cheese garlic chicken wings? Add a side of mashed potatoes to round out the meal. Oh boy, what a fabulous feast!

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